6LRO 88C

Manufactured in the 1950s by the Waukesha Motor Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

  • 6 cylinder gasoline engine
  • Bore/Stroke: 8.5”/8.5”
  • Horsepower: 523 at 900 RPM
  • Piston Displacement: 2,894 cubic inches

The Waukesha Motor Company was incorporated in 1906 by Allan Stebbins (president), Fred Ahrens (vice president), and Harry Horning (secretary-treasurer).

The Waukesha 6LRO 88C engine was used to run a mud pump for circulating the mud (drilling fluid) on a drilling rig in the oil fields of San Diego, California.

Now owned by GE, Waukesha Engine is still in business. You can see a great deal of interesting historical information about the company and its products at www.wehs.net.

AGSEM's Waukesha engine was recently restored by Gas Engine Row team members Chet Huffman and Gil Stuart. We are deeply grateful for their hard work and dedication!

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