Fairbanks-Morse Y-V

 Fairbanks- Morse Y-V

Manufactured in 1922 by the Fairbanks- Morse Engine Company, Beloit, Wisconsin.

  • 3 cylinder hot-bulb semi-diesel oil engine
  • Bore/Stroke: 14”/17”
  • Piston Displacement: 15,701 cubic inches
  • Horsepower: 150 at 257 RPM
  • Compression: 265 PSI
  • Fuel Pressure at Injector: 1,000 PSI

This Fairbanks-Morse Y-V engine was shipped from the factory to Alaska to provide electric power for a salmon canning factory. In the 1930s, the engine was bought by a contractor and shipped to Catalina Island off the southern California coast. There it was used at a quarry to provide power for an electric crane loading rock onto barges. The rock barges were then towed to the mainland, where the rock was used to build the Los Angeles breakwater at the harbor at San Pedro. After the breakwater was finished, the Y-V was sold again to a lead mine in Quartzite, Arizona, where it powered a small lead mining operation. After the lead mine was shut down in the early 1940s, the engine sat unused until it was acquired by AGSEM in 1982.

Link here for information about the Fairbanks-Morse Y-V's AGSEM history.

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The Fairbanks-Morse Y-V engine was featured in the artwork for the Museum’s Fall 2013 tractor show, when we celebrated 120 years of Fairbanks-Morse engines as the show’s theme. We proudly express our gratitude to AGSEM member Leo E. Zugner for his donation of time and talent of artwork for the show buttons and t-shirt (shown below).



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